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Have a computer issue or question? Call us at (319) 266-7546. Many problems with computers can be solved with just a quick phone call. When you call a Net Works! Technician they will provide 10 minutes free phone assistance.

Many computer problems are software related. This includes problems associated with spy ware, ad ware, Ransom ware, Malware and viruses. Usually these problems can be solved on site, at the customers home or place of business.
Often when caught early, potentially damaging problems never get a chance to fully materialize.

For sometime now, computer companies and tech support departments and ITs have offered remote support maintenance contracts to large corporations and businesses. This is done with special remote and host software which allows the technician to literally take remote control of the host computer.

Net Works! Realized long agoi this same technology could be utilized for home computers. Net Works! offers a "membership" to home as well as businesses for remote maintenance and support or if better suited, remote support in 15 minute increments.

How Does It Work?.........

First a Technician will direct you to our support web page. Next they will give you a support code that you type into the provided blank. A few short clicks and a password will be generated on your screen that will allow the Technician to remote in for your assistance. That’s all there is to it!

Once the Technician is logged on to your computer, they can begin maintenance such as removal of Spyware/Adware, Malware and Viruses. If needed, we can perform program updates and check all software and driver configurations. Then we will also remove unneeded or harmful add-on’s from your browsers to help keep the nastys out and speed up your internet activities.

That’s Not All!……..

And if that isn't enough........the big bonus is that we are there to assist you remotely for ALL your computing needs. We can help you install or repair peripherals like cameras, printers or scanners. Need help with advanced router settings? We can do that. We can help you install new software or help you burn a CD or even backup data to a removable device. We can help you find or download pictures from your digital camera, edit and then email them. Some have us assist with non-commercial web sites or even find information on the internet. Your email isn't functioning properly......we can help. If you’re interested in editing audio or video......so are we. In a nutshell.......we can assist you with anything as if we were sitting right next to you. This works weather your at home or on the road with your laptop, as long as you have internet access.
Sit back and watch the Technician work their magic. Use the time watching to learn about your computer. You maintain control of the connection and can break it at any time.

Net Works! Offers several plans to suite all needs.

***Sign up a friend***
Sign up a friend and you receive $100 off your next annual renewal and your friend receives $50.00 off their first annual member charge.


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